simplifying Your Payment Token Transition

Switching payment vendors is a decisive move, often prompted by the desire for enhanced features, superior service, or cost efficiency. However, migrating card-on-file payment credentials presents its challenges, involving intricate processes that could jeopardize both merchant operations and customer data integrity. At Rebar Technology, alongside W. Capra Consulting Group, we leverage extensive experience with proven, secure technologies to make any migration smooth and simple.

Phases of Rebar's Token

Migration Program

Phases of Rebar’s Token Migration Program

1. Strategy:

From identifying key data sources to designing bespoke solutions, our strategy phase encompasses:

  • Role assignment and step sequencing
  • Technical designs including encryption, transfer methods, and more

2. Execution:

With a robust strategy, we delve into:

  • SFTP script setups and API calls
  • Token execution scripts and configuration
  • Detailed reconciliation and remediation of failures

3.Lifecycle Management

Ensuring consistent support with:

  • Operational support services
  • Account Updater runs
  • Maintenance of Network Tokens and PAR

Migrating with Assurance

Rebar Technology offers more than just a service – it’s a partnership. We understand the intricacies of payment token migration, ensuring that every step, from initial design to post-implementation support, is handled with precision and care.

End-to-End Management

From strategy to execution, we manage the complete token migration lifecycle, ensuring a smooth transition

Technical Proficiency

Benefit from our advanced technical expertise in handling varied vendor formats, encryption protocols, and secure transfer methods.

Continual Support

Our commitment doesn’t end post-migration. Experience consistent operational support ensuring maximum performance.

Staying Ahead in Payment Migration

With the rapid evolution of payment systems, staying updated is crucial. Rebar offers insights, guides, and resources, ensuring you’re always ahead in the payment token migration landscape.


“Token migration was a daunting task for us. With Rebar’s expertise and structured approach, we experienced a smooth and efficient transition.”

Embark on a Seamless

Migration Journey

Ready to make the transition? Partner with Rebar Technology and experience the difference of expert-led payment token migration.

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