Payment Token Migration made easy

Changing payment vendors can be challenging, but it’s often necessary to take advantage of new features, improve service, decrease costs, or all of the above. That’s because changing your payment vendor means migrating card-on-file payment credentials, and the process to extract and re-tokenize payment credentials can be complicated and put merchants and customer data at risk. Several factors need to be carefully considered, planned and executed as part of a token payment migration project.

Typically, vendors that provide token migration and payment tokenization services have existing processes to extract token values to full Primary Account Numbers (PANs) in a pre-set format. Similarly, target token vendors have APIs or batch processing capabilities that expect data in their format, but these are rarely aligned. A merchant must either “handle” the data themselves or engage with a competent, qualified and PCI compliant vendor to perform this work.

We simplifie payment token migration with its Token Migration Program. Our payment tokenization services offer seamless and secure data tokenization, ensuring efficient token management. Experience a hassle-free transition with our token payment system.

Rebar Technology and W. Capra Consulting Group have made token migration easy. We have the experience and expertise to assist merchants in successfully planning and executing all their migration projects.

Phases of the Rebar Technology

Token Migration Program

From initial solution design to lifecycle management, we can implement and support your token migration service needs every step of the way. Embark on a seamless transition with our Token Migration Program. Our expert team manages the entire process, ensuring a smooth shift to an advanced token payment system. Trust Rebar Technology, the leaders in payment tokens management and data tokenization services.


We start by identifying key information, including sources of PAN data, impacted stakeholders (including ops, finance, security and product teams), and impacted systems (CRM, websites, mobile apps, reconciliation, ERP, reporting, etc.).

We then design a solution that fits, assigning roles, identifying the timing and sequencing of each step, and taking into account batch and/or real-time processing needs.

Finally, we go to technical design, which may include:

  • Batch or message formats
  • Encryption protocols and keys
  • Secure file transfer methods
  • Failure notifications
  • Reprocessing
  • Credential validation ($0 auth)


With a sound strategy in place, we then put the solution to work and can include any or all of the following:

  • Setup and Test SFTP scripts, encryption/decryption scripts, and/or API calls
  • Develop, Execute, Manage and Monitor token execution scripts, and configure outputs to requirements for end processing systems
  • Reconcile Tokens Processed and provide the merchant with summary reporting
  • Perform Multiple Exports as needed (catchup files)
  • Ensure Operational Excellence by analyzing failures, aligning on remediation, and performing tokenization

Lifecycle Management

We’re there when you need us, now and after. We help ensure maximum performance for life, including:

  • Ongoing Operational Support Services
  • Run PANs Through Account Updater (if utilized)
  • Maintain Network Tokens (updates) (if utilized)
  • PAR – Payment Account Reference, network ID (if utilized)

The Art of Payment Tokenization: Strategies, Options and Considerations


Whether you are part of an emerging fintech start-up, a seasoned e-commerce platform, or a large multinational organization, understanding payment tokenization is fundamental to secure, efficient, and compliant digital transactions.

This white paper is the first in a two-part series that guides organizations through the complex landscape of payment tokenization. The series consists of:

The Art of Payment Tokenization: Strategies, Options and Considerations – An exploration of payment tokenization, examining various options and strategies. (Current paper)

The Art of Payment Token Migration: From Planning to Execution – A detailed guide covering the process of token migration, including planning, execution, challenges, and how to overcome them.
By engaging with this series, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of payment tokenization, from foundational principles to the practical steps needed for migration. Whether new to the field or looking to refine existing practices, the insights offered across these papers will provide valuable guidance.

The Art of Payment Token Migration: From Planning to Execution

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, organizations—be it an innovative fintech start-up, a rapidly scaling e-commerce platform, or a global enterprise—face the ongoing challenge of adapting their payment processes to ensure both security and efficiency. Building on the foundation laid in our first whitepaper on payment tokenization, this next installment delves into the critical phase that follows: the migration of payment tokens. This whitepaper stands as the second in our in-depth two-part series designed to assist organizations in navigating the complex world of payment tokenization and migration:

– The Art of Payment Tokenization: Strategies, Options, and Considerations

Here, we shed light on the multifaceted nature of payment tokenization, presenting the variety of available options, strategies, and vital considerations. If you missed this first installment, read it here.

– The Art of Payment Token Migration: From Planning to Execution

This whitepaper takes you further, providing a comprehensive guide on the migration of payment tokens. From the preparatory stages of planning to the practical aspects of execution, and through to post-migration evaluations and overcoming potential hurdles.




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