Residential Services

Turn Transactional Sales into Recurring Revenue

Residential Services businesses are often project to project. Let Rebar apply our expertise to help you implement a subscription-based program that will create more loyal customer relationships, generate predictable revenue, and provide your business with added efficiencies.

Why Residential Services Companies Rely on Rebar:

Repeat Customers

Create loyalty through a mutually beneficial program

New Revenue

Generate a new, ongoing and predictable revenue stream

Back-office Efficiency

Focus on growth while Rebar handles program management and support

Faster Cash

Accelerate your cash flow through automated payments

Full Integration

Create efficient and effective integrations with existing platforms

Rebar’s optimized platform is purpose-built to fit your business. We work with residential services companies in multiple industries, such as:





Property Maintenance


Pest Control


Home Warranty

A Solution for Emerging Businesses

Ask about SBS Express, our tailor-made option with payments embedded for small to medium-sized businesses.

Get the 5 Key Benefits of Automating Recurring Billing for the Residential Services Industry

Find out why automating billing and payment processes is worth it for residential services businesses—and how to get started.

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