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When it comes to subscription billing management, you don’t need to make any compromises. With Rebar, you get the freedom to create the best subscription payment platform for your business. Our unique approach delivers the lower cost, faster implementation and certainty associated with off-the-shelf SaaS technology options. But Rebar Technology combines that with a wide assortment of customized services optimized for your business.

Rebar Technology stands out among payment tech companies as a leading subscription billing platform company. With cutting-edge solutions, we streamline billing management for businesses, ensuring seamless revenue flow. Discover the power of Rebar’s technology today.

With our hybrid software solution, Rebar gives you the best of both worlds.

Why Rebar is Better Than off-The-Shelf SaaS Solutions

Optimized for Your Business
High Flexibility and Scalability
Integration with Any 3rd-Party Service
Full Control Over Your Own Data
Strategic Support From
a Consultative Partner

Why Rebar is Better Than Fully Customized/Build Your Own Solutions

Lower Upfront Capital Investment
Significantly Faster Speed to Market
Continually Updated, Leading Edge Security Protocols
Compliance Certainty
Always Available Support From an Experienced Team

You Get It All With Rebar. See How.

Learn more about the unique Rebar optimized platform, purpose-built to fit your business. With Rebar Technology understand the distinct advantages of the platform, exclusively designed for your business. As a leading billing platform company, Rebar Technology stands out among payment tech companies, providing tailored solutions to elevate your payment processes.

Welcome to the Next Evolution of Subscription Management Services

Our revolutionary modular technology delivers the flexibility you need to improve operations, increase revenue and remove compliance headaches, quickly and simply. It’s the best of off-the-shelf and fully-customized services, in one.

Welcome to the next evolution of subscription management services with Rebar Technology. As a cutting-edge billing platform company, we’re reshaping the landscape for payment tech companies. With Rebar Technology, expect innovation, efficiency, and seamless integration in your subscription management journey. Experience the future today.

A Solution for Emerging Businesses

Ask about SBS Express, our tailor-made option with payments embedded for small to medium-sized businesses.

Learn about the 3 Rs of Subscription Payments

Routing, recycling and retries are the keys to continual subscription process optimization—and increased profitability. See how the 3 Rs can help lower fees, reduce churn and improve collection efficiency.

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