solution design | development and testing | ops and support

solution design | development and testing | ops and support

solution design | development and testing | ops and support

Cloud-native technology solutions that deliver simplified integrations, improved scalability, and enhanced data visibility.


Who We Are

At Rebar Technology, we focus on delivering custom technology projects to card-not-present, recurring, and subscription merchants. We understand that no two merchants are exactly alike. Projects to procure, build, or deploy mission critical systems like CRMs, Storefronts, CMSs, Billing Platforms, Payment Gateways, Fraud Screening, and Chargeback Management frequently encounter challenges including:

  1. Required merchant platform customization or configuration
  2. Complex integration among the systems
  3. Determining how to operate and monitor the platform ecosystem
  4. Continually changing regulatory environment
  5. Unanticipated costs to implement
  6. Lengthy implementation timelines and missed delivery dates


Our goal is to alleviate this pain by leveraging a consultative approach to clarify and develop solutions for each business requirement. Often the result is a combination of best fit-for-purpose and cost-effective platforms among internal systems, vendor solutions, and/or Rebar-managed modules that integrate to create the best possible merchant ecosystem.

Sample Solutions
  • Subscription marketing and enrollment front-end site development and operation
  • Chargeback mitigation vendor automation with SaaS subscription management system
  • Subscription customer online self-service portal development and operation
  • Hosted one-time payments site and gateway integration with acquirer
  • Payment tokenization managed service
  • Fraud service provider integrations
  • Tax service provider integrations

focus and experience

Our organization has assisted some of the largest brands with technology solutions that encompass:

Subscription & Recurring Billing

Payments Optimization

Custom Web Storefronts & Self-care

Middleware Orchestration Services

Data Analytics

Program Management

Approach to Delivery

Rebar technical solution architecture is based on segmented functional modules (aka microservices)

Micro-Services Approach
We leverage the experiences and solutions developed for other merchants by developing all our applications in a re-usable micro-services approach. This provides significant cost savings and speed-to-market as compared to purely customized solutions developed through standard SDLC.


Modules are re-usable and lower cost



Modules are scoped and built according to merchant requirements


Modules include gateways to 3rd party services (acquiring, tax, fraud, chargeback, etc.)

Who is Rebar?

Rebar Technology is a division of W. Capra

Rebar Technology was created to address the specific merchant need for specialized recurring billing technology development and operational services. Rebar is uniquely positioned to leverage the expertise and manpower of W. Capra to design, build, and operate applications and integrations that effectively solve each merchant’s unique requirements.

W.Capra Consulting Group

W. Capra Consulting Group is a professional services firm focused on identifying, integrating and delivering technology solutions. Based in Chicago and Nashville, Capra has been delivering value for a growing list of Fortune 100+ clients across multiple verticals since 2000.

W. Capra assists many of the largest merchants with advisory, strategic, planning, and implementation management services.

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