Providing Superior Subscription Payment Solutions

Better products, expert support. It’s not only the technology that makes our subscription payment solutions better, but the team of payment and subscription professionals that stands behind them, giving you the knowledgeable assistance you need.

Subscription Billing System

Our core platform delivers the best of off-the-shelf SaaS solutions and custom-developed subscription billing and payment systems.

SBS Express

A complete solution for smaller and growing businesses that includes a merchant account.

Storefront Development

We bring your web storefront to life with a customized site that makes enrollment, payments, and self-care easier for your customers, and you.

Consultation & Integration Support

With decades of payment consulting and integration development experience, we save you time and money, and improve your operational efficiency.

Managed Billing Operations

Outsource all or a portion of your subscription billing operations to Rebar, to maximize performance and reduce the burden on your internal teams.

Payment Token Migration Services

Moving to a new PSP can be a challenge. As a PCI Level One compliant processor, we do all the heavy lifting, including token migration.

Additional Services

Elevate your organization with a host of services including custom application development and project management consulting.