The Freedom to Create the Best
Subscription Payment Solution

Welcome to the next generation for subscription billing management—delivering a subscription and payments solution that goes above and beyond what the market has come to expect from these platforms.

Experienced, Consultative Team

The Rebar team brings a diverse collection of merchant, vendor and consulting perspectives along with decades of payment industry expertise. We created Rebar after seeing how rigid off-the-shelf solutions were, and how pricey customized solutions could be. We knew there was a better way.

Focused on outcomes and usability, not software

Most subscription platforms focus on the technology, often to the detriment of flexibility, scalability and support. Our approach is different. We launched Rebar from a client-centric point of view, developing a platform that is solution-focused. The result is better subscription management.

Ongoing support and optimization

One of the biggest challenges with the majority of off-the-shelf solutions is off-the-shelf support. But at Rebar Technology, we put people first. Our consultative approach means we work closely with our clients, getting to know them deeply so we can design better solutions. Our team is as passionate about support and operations as they are about our software.

Unique Modular Technology

Our solutions start with pre-built modular units that can be mixed and matched. This lets you create a billing program that fits your specific needs, and that is uniquely yours. It’s reliable, completely scalable and substantially more cost-efficient.

The best of custom and out of the box

Our modular technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We customize modules to meet your precise business needs and goals. We can fully integrate all your existing third-party platforms.

Flexibility to switch processors

Many payment solutions force you to use a specific processor. Not ours. With Rebar, you not only have the freedom to choose and customize your modules, but also to pick your own processor. And because you’re not locked in, you can switch processors whenever you want—or even route among multiple processors at the same time.

Your Data is Yours

Your data is never mixed in a multi-tenant system. Instead, your data is owned by you and you alone, which means you have the freedom to access data whenever and however you prefer.

The Rebar Principles

We embrace the following principles, and they guide how we approach every project.

Client Focused

While our subscription software is powered by best-in-class technology, we believe it’s people that make the true difference. Unlike other companies, we’re more than a 1-800 number; we go that extra mile to provide dedicated client resources and personal, ongoing assistance. Our consultative approach is why new clients become long-term ones, and long-term partners sometimes feel like an extension of our team.

Technology That Enables

Our subscription technology can handle just about any business requirement, from simple to the most complex. It scales to the size of your subscription needs—across different business units, geographies and more. User-friendly and intuitive, our technology will expand and enhance your subscription plan with security and regulatory compliance (PCI, GDPR, CCPA) at the forefront.

Always Improving

We proactively track and implement the latest technology changes and advancements, understanding how new innovations impact our clients and their customers. Our subscription technology and services span the entire subscription lifecycle, no matter the vertical—managing customer checkout, customer inquiries, payment management, billing, and so on. At every step, we strive for continuous improvement—for ourselves, for our products, and for the customer experience.


Josh Mathers

Interim CEO

Josh Murray

Director, Application Engineering

Mike Streams

Co-Founder & Board Member

Tim Radway


How We Evolved–Our Heritage

At Rebar Technology, we leverage decades of merchant-side experience and consulting expertise to design, build and operate our subscription management solutions. We serve a diverse group of retail and eCommerce merchants domestically and around the globe, from our dual offices in Nashville and Chicago. Our customized services address integrations, analytics, transaction routing and payment optimization.

Rebar is a division of W. Capra Consulting Group, a professional services firm focused on identifying, integrating and delivering technology solutions for a continually expanding list of Fortune 100+ clients. W. Capra is renowned for their strategy, sourcing and execution, and the launch of Rebar Technology now extends that focus to new technology and software solutions.

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