SBS Express

Subscription Management, Streamlined for SMBs

We’ve packed all our subscription expertise into a subscription SBS billing option designed for smaller to medium-sized merchants who want to get started with SBS subscriptions, but who also need a payment gateway with a merchant account. SBS Express can be deployed quickly, giving businesses the ability to launch their subscription programs without delay, and with no upfront costs. As subscriptions grow, SBS Express seamlessly evolves into our full SBS Subscription Billing System, giving you access to our premium subscription offering with volume pricing.

The SBS Express Advantage

SBS Express is designed specifically for SBS subscription services and SBS recurring billing. Other solutions are not. As a result, companies using other payment processors overpay for those services and receive generic support. Even worse, as businesses scale, they’re trapped—unable to lower fees or escape the processor’s limited SBS subscription capabilities. But SBS Express gives businesses the advantage of an enterprise-grade product from day one—a product that offers scalability, lower costs and readily available subject matter expertise.

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Made for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Looking to automate your revenue with SBS subscriptions? Exploring new growth opportunities? We’re with you. We created SBS Express to deliver everything you need, from compliance to recurring SBS billing best practices.

Rebar SBS Express Benefits

  • Designed for smaller businesses and growing SBS subscription services
  • A merchant account provisioned for you and managed by Rebar
  • Credit card, ACH and other payment methods supported
  • Built and supported by the SBS subscription and payments experts at Rebar and W. Capra Consulting
  • Your data is your data—it is never comingled or shared with other merchants
  • Pre-set automatic routing, retries and recycling to maximize your revenue
  • Enterprise-grade security, disaster recovery and reliability

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