Subscription Billing System

The Next Evolution in Subscription Billing

We’ve combined the best of off-the-shelf SaaS and custom-built subscription billing solutions. Our core offering, the Rebar Technology Subscription Billing System, delivers the speed to market and lower upfront costs of off-the-shelf solutions, along with fully customizable capabilities that give you the flexibility and scalability to match your specific needs.

Rebar SBS is a Comprehensive Suite of Fully Customizable Components:

Product Management

Develop, manage and maintain a complete catalog of products to meet customer needs. Products may be set up as recurring, one-time billing, or installment programs.

Customer Management

Manage customer profiles, preferences and histories. Grow your base of new customers and enable easy maintenance of existing customer accounts.

Subscription Management

Create, view or cancel customer subscriptions. Manage and modify customer billing frequencies, methods and amounts quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Transaction Management

Manage all commerce activities including billing, payments, chargebacks and invoices. View full histories for both one-time and recurring transactions, and enhance billing accuracy, timeliness and collection results.

Vault Security

Securely store all private customer information and payment credentials in a PCI Level 1 compliant vault. Click here to view our PCI Attestation of Compliance.

Payment Gateway

Enable online payments and connect to the third-party payment processors that are the best fit for your business.

A Flexible Platform that Meets Your Unique Needs

We ensure that the platform is tailored around your organization’s specific functional and regulatory requirements. Each component is customized as needed to ensure it meets your exact specifications. In some cases, you may have existing systems or platforms that you would prefer to maintain. Rebar will work with you to integrate these into your overall solution.

A Few Examples of Customization Flexibility:


  • Connect your existing CRM and Subscription Management systems to Rebar’s Transaction Management, Vault and Payment Gateway
  • Connect Rebar’s CRM and Subscription Modules to your existing Payment Gateway and a third-party token service
  • Keep all your existing services and use Rebar’s Payment Gateway to connect with your chosen payment processor
  • Connect your third-party Content Management and CRM Systems such as Shopify or Salesforce with Rebar’s Subscription, Transaction Management, Vault and Payment Gateway
  • Or any other combination that makes sense for your business!

Maximize Revenue While Minimizing Costs

With our Advanced Transaction Processing, flexible payment routing is possible. Our system also maximizes your revenue capture with customizable retries and recycling.


Minimize fees and increase collection success by automatically sending payments to various providers to ensure that your business captures the most favorable opportunity on every transaction.


Reduce churn by proactively catching and addressing technical or configuration errors at the processor or issuer.


Increase collection rates and improve cash flow by recovering initially declined recurring payments based on customized rule sets and actions.

Learn about the 3 Rs of Subscription Payments

Routing, recycling and retries are the keys to continual subscription process optimization—and increased profitability. See how the 3 Rs can help lower fees, reduce churn and improve collection efficiency.
Upgrading your subscription payment solution has significant long-term benefits, but in the short term it can be a painful and risky process. The Rebar team’s hands-on approach, flexibility and understanding of our business made the transition far easier.”
Brian Kehn | VP Operations, HomeServe USA

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