New Partnership Delivers Solutions Built for the SMB Market

Proven PCI, a next generation PCI compliance platform, and Rebar Technology, a provider of recurring billing and revenue technology, have announced a partnership to provide small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and SaaS companies with the ability to become fully PCI compliant while leveraging Rebar’s new subscription management service, SBS Express, for easy, recurring payment acceptance.

The launch of the partnership kicked off this month with development work that will provide each platform with technology from both companies. The new solution is expected to be ready in late 2022.

The partnership is a result of solving problems unique to SMB and SaaS companies. These businesses are looking for ways to manage their business more effectively, allowing them time to grow the business, while keeping their costs low. Both Proven PCI and Rebar Technology provide technology that automates complicated processes in the background, enabling a superior customer experience, while meeting their budget needs.

The next gen solution from Proven PCI will help SMBs meet stringent and complex payment card security standards. Payments from customers require a business to be fully PCI compliant, meaning they must meet complicated and evolving rules from The Payment Card Industry Data Security Council. Not only is this a cumbersome process, but it’s also an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring, patching, and security protocols to ensure your customer’s credit cards are safe. In many cases, a payment processor is charging the SMB a noncompliance fee if they don’t meet all the standards, causing them to lose valuable profit from their business.

Rebar Technology, a well-known firm in subscription management, is bringing its enterprise solution to SMB customers with the creation of SBS Express, a prepackaged solution built with best-in-class subscription technology. The easy implementation of this new solution will allow small SaaS companies to build their business at a faster pace with at a cost-effective price point.

“It’s a win-win for businesses in that they have the security of being fully PCI compliant in accepting credit cards while ensuring they have the best subscription management solution in the industry,” said Christopher Bulin, Founder of Proven PCI. “By bringing this next gen technology together, it creates a unique, cost-effective product serving the specific needs of the SMB market.”

Nick Fredrick, CEO of Rebar Technology, added, “The partnership between Proven PCI and Rebar couldn’t have come at a better time as we recently launched our SBS Express product targeted at small and medium sized businesses. Proven PCI brings a simple, yet complete suite of tools to these businesses which ensure compliance with PCI and protects their valuable customer data.”

For more information on both companies, visit Proven PCI & Rebar Technology.