Most Payment Service Providers (PSPs) can provide recurring billing: that is, they can trigger a transaction in a set amount, on a monthly interval to a stored credit card. End of story … or is it? What if the subscriber’s card is declined? Or what happens if you want to bill more often than once a month, or less frequently, or in varying amounts? Then the entire process gets a lot more challenging, which is the difference between a professional subscription billing system and recurring billing from a PSP.

Your Basic Recurring Billing System, Emphasis on Basic

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of PSPs providing routine recurring billing, including prominent players like Chase Payment Solutions and PayPal. While these systems offer some built-in flexibility, such as providing multiple payment options for your customers, usually credit cards or ACH payments, they are also extremely limited. Many only offer monthly or annual billing and only a set, consistent billing amount that can’t easily fluctuate. They often provide no line item details for the customer and little, if any, customer communication capabilities. You cannot add an offer trial or a discount, and these services provide limited ability to retry or recover a declined payment. While some of these platforms are reasonably priced for what you get, you don’t get a lot, at least not when compared to a fully managed subscription partner like Rebar.

Let’s take a deep dive into Rebar’s Subscription Billing System (SBS) benefits.

The Rebar Subscription Billing System Difference

With Rebar, you get a fully managed platform backed by our subscription experts. Our unmatched recurring billing capabilities are specifically created for easy and thorough subscription management.

You get:

  • Endless Billing Frequencies: The Rebar system can adapt to whichever frequency you wish to bill, whether daily, weekly, bi-monthly, every two years, and so on.
  • Unlimited SKUs: Unlike traditional payment platforms, your entire product catalog is available. Rebar SBS allows for unlimited SKU offerings in endless combinations, allowing for tiered pricing and new offers as you see fit.
  • Multiple Subscriptions: With Rebar SBS, you get the ultimate in flexibility. You can even provide multiple subscriptions to the same customer, each with multiple products.
  • Modular Architecture: Our platform can be configured in endless ways, supporting your needs and easily scaling as your business grows.
  • Advanced Customer Communication: Easily contact subscribers, such as by creating a welcome email, texting billing reminders, providing annual billing notices, and so on. Many of these are required by law or rule for subscription businesses.
  • Accurate Customer Entitlements: The Rebar SBS platform ensures that customers have access to the right benefits at the right time and automatically withholds benefits from those that should not have access, such as due to canceled subscriptions or non-payment.
  • Premium Reporting and Analytics: The Rebar platform has a vast array of reporting capabilities, including those that are focused explicitly on important subscription-specific metrics.
  • Dunning Capabilities: Enjoy unlimited communication with your customers, including when payments fail—increasing the likelihood of recovery.
  • Route Payment Transactions Across Multiple Providers: With rerouting between multiple payment providers, you avoid billing problems associated with outages and always get a low-cost provider
  • Online Enrollment: Merchants have a range of subscription self-care options, and the software tool easily integrates into their existing platform.

Rebar: Subscription Management Services, Evolved

There isn’t one reason why Rebar Subscription Billing System is profoundly better than simple recurring billing—there are several reasons, including cost, the range of capabilities, and the remarkable service for which Rebar is well-known. At Rebar, we’ve combined the best of off-the-shelf subscription services with custom-built ones to provide a Subscription Billing System that truly outperforms the competition. Learn more by visiting our Subscription Billing System page.