Josh Mathers

VP, Product

Josh Mathers is a key driver of product strategy and operationalizing technical solutions, particularly in the realms of recurring billing, card-not-present (CNP) payments, and client implementations. His expertise lies in transforming complex technical concepts into efficient, scalable operational solutions, enhancing subscription management and payment collection processes across various industries.

With over a decade in the payments industry, Josh has refined his ability to bridge the gap between technology and practical application, ensuring seamless integration and functionality. His expertise lies in devising universally beneficial solutions, ensuring they align with stakeholders’ requirements across the business. His comprehensive approach results in systems that are not just technically proficient but that also effectively cater to the diverse needs of an organization.

As a notable contributor to the PaymentsEd Forum for more than ten years, Josh has been influential in shaping industry practices and standards. His efforts in steering educational content, speaking at events, and hosting conferences reflect his commitment to advancing the payments industry.

Balancing his professional accomplishments, Josh finds relaxation in golf and values quality time with his family.