Industry expertise

Navigating the complexities of subscription billing and e-commerce can be challenging. Gain from an experienced partner that provides both software solutions and human expertise. Merge the efficiency of SaaS with tailored guidance, ensuring your system integration is smooth and aligns with your business goals.



Domain Knowledge

Benefit from decades of subject matter experience in payments and subscriptions.


Technical Experience

Whether it’s CRM, Payment Gateways, or other systems, experience seamless integration with minimum downtime.


Operational Support

Leverage a team with merchant side experience to monitor subscription and payment operations to ensure success.


Staff Augmentation

Supplement internal teams with functional project/program managers, business analysts, architects, and developers.



Deep dive into key payment metrics. Benchmark collection rates, identify opportunities, and maximize revenue.



A fresh set of eyes leveraging real-world experience and industry best practices to level up your subscription and payments processes.


With Rebar’s deep industry insights and integration experience, our team provides both the expertise and the project resources needed to deliver the right solution at the right time.

Empowering Your Business with Expertise:

  • Benefit from a team that understands the intricate nuances of payments and subscription technology.
  • Navigate complex integrations with confidence and clarity from a team that has done it many times before.
  • Achieve optimal system performance and efficiency that improves the customer experience and maximizes recognizable revenue.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital commerce, challenges can emerge as opportunities with the right insights. Optimize your systems, processes, and strategies, ensuring they are resilient, adaptable, and primed for the future.

Strategic Insights

Benefit from our industry expertise. Understand trends, risks, and avenues for growth.


Ensure processes are compliant with the latest requirements from federal, state agencies and association rules.


We don’t just solve today’s challenges. We help you prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Stay Informed with Industry Insights

The digital commerce sphere is dynamic. With Rebar’s insights, you’re always ahead of the curve. Dive deep into trends, challenges, and innovations that shape the industry.

Ready to Elevate Your


Start your journey with expert consultation and robust integration support. Let’s create solutions that drive your business forward.

Deep Dive Webinars on Integration

Join our series of webinars focusing on the nuances of integration, led by industry veterans. Equip yourself with knowledge and strategies that set you apart.