Subscription Management Software

Rebar offers an extensive range of development, integration, and operational services to help companies deliver a tailored customer & business billing subscription experience, improve efficiencies, and reduce operating costs.

Technology Services

We know “out of the box” subscription solutions are supposed to be easy to implement.  Rebar Technology was founded because merchants are looking for system integration services to customize and integrate these solutions.  Rebar provides cloud-native technology that delivers simplified integrations, improved scalability, and enhanced data visibility.

Schedule a consultation if you’re looking for support with implementing any of the following services:

Recurring Billing Services

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Connecting your infrastructure with third party subscription software to enable recurring billing for your products and services? Do you need help implementing Zuora, Aria, Chargify, Recurly, Vindicia, Stripe, Paypal, Square, or other subscription platforms? Give us a call today to enable your subscription payment gateway.

Payment gateway integration

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Let Rebar assist your company with payment gateway integrations. We have worked with many organizations implementing multiple payment methods to better serve their customers. Looking for least cost or failover payment routing? Rebar can enable dynamic routing to ensure your payment operations remain highly available.

Online Subscription Billing

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Need to build or enhance your storefront for checkout or self-care? Looking for website subscription and a mobile subscription interface? Rebar has years of experience capturing our client’s vision and bringing it to life by using the latest technologies to deliver a satisfying user experience on all consumer channels.

Recurring Billing Software

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Rebar provides system integration services to quickly implement your chosen subscription software partners. Our team works to identify the necessary internal and external applications and will develop the software to act as a bridge to enable data exchange and operational control. 

Custom Insights & Dashboards

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Our team develops insights about your subscription business that are tailored to your products, services, and business model. We have years of experience to educate you on what performance and operational metrics are relevant and can educate and develop the necessary dashboards and reports.

Project Management

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Rebar provides seasoned resources to manage subscription software deployment. Our years of experience working with companies across the globe have will ensure your business has an on time and successful implementation.

Payments, Security & Compliance Consulting

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It’s important to know that your business operates with the proper controls in place. Our team focuses on data encryption and web application security.  Let our team evaluate your systems and procedures and protect your business and your profits.

Managed Subscription Services

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Leverage a comprehensive combination of subscription billing technology and the skilled resources necessary to effectively manage and support your subscription program. No need to hire operational and support staff, set up manual processes for tasks like chargebacks, pay for unnecessary software licensing, or worry about maintaining industry compliance. Rebar’s managed services model is the perfect solution when you need a competent partner who can fully manage payment operations on your behalf.



Mid range to enterprise level subscription billing programs requires the ability to scale across different business units, various geographies, different subscription plans, and integration to company systems. Our billing platforms and solutions are ready to handle simple and complex business requirements.

Consumer Experience

When it comes to subscription businesses, the front end user experience (UX) is paramount to ensure the checkout experience is clean and straightforward.  Rebar has developed many storefront and self-care websites and has the experience to advise on customer use cases to ensure they have the best possible experience.

Customer Management

Subscription management is built on understanding the entire customer life-cycle. From managing customer checkout, customer inquiries, payment management, billing, etc., Rebar subscription technology and services has you covered.

Data & Insights

Data and analytics are the lifeblood of a subscription business.  Our data team focuses on providing relevance, context, specificity, and clarity. When it comes to third party providers, let us work to pull the relevant information and put it together giving your business the critical insights it needs to thrive.

Relationships & Experiences

At Rebar, we’ve worked with merchants across a number of verticals and industry suppliers representing all facets of operations.  Our approach has been to continuously improve delivery by leveraging solutions developed for merchant clients. This provides significant cost savings and speed-to-market while still allowing for business specific customization where necessary.

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