Turn Payment Failures into Successful Transactions

Maximizing revenue through minimizing involuntary churn caused by payment failures is paramount for any subscription business. Rebar employs multiple strategies to ensure revenue continuity with our advanced decline salvage mechanisms.

Key Challenges Causing Failed Payments


Stale Payment Methods

Expired cards, re-issues, and closed accounts will result in lost subscriptions without processes to keep them updated and refreshed.


Soft Declines

Payment declines due to a lack of funds or credit, risk of fraud, or other reasons m


Technical Errors

Inaccurate presentment of a payment transaction may cause a rejection somewhere in the payments ecosystem or result in a qualification downgrade.


Legal & Regulatory

Laws and rules to protect consumers are being introduced nearly every day.  Many of these impact how payments are authorized or disputed.


Consumer Engagement

Simply put, without continually engaging your subscribers, they will eventually cancel and may choose to do it by contacting their issuer.

The Art & Science of Declined Payment Recovery

With Rebar’s sophisticated dunning management, we focus on recovering every possible penny from declined payments.


  • Tailored recovery methods depending on the reason and nature of the declined payment.
  • Provide accurate and timeline subscriber communications through the consumer’s preferred channel
  • Use the latest industry best practices and AI tools to represent transactions at the optimal interval
  • Leverage data to benchmark performance and continuously optimize to achieve the best recovery rates

Real Solutions for Real Revenue Issues

At Rebar, we understand the gravity of missed revenue opportunities. Dive deep into our proactive strategies to mitigate and manage payment hiccups.

Instant Notifications

Alert customers instantly about a failed transaction, often leading to the most effective resolution.

Strategic Retry Logic

Using data-driven methods, retry failed transactions at optimal times for increased success.

Lifecycle Management

Maintain current strategies that minimize payment failures before they happen.

Partner Testimonials

- Alex Meyer, Director of Finance, InnovateTech

“With Rebar’s failed payment recovery system, we saw a dramatic reduction in our passive churn rates. Their decline salvage methods truly deliver.”

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